We were recently given the fantastic honour of being the key-note speaker at Suffolk’s Conscious Business Association’s latest gathering. This is a growing group of dynamic and feisty local business leaders who believe that business should be a force for positive change and greater good in the world. The evening was a chance to come together and network with like-minded fellow businesses and to share our thoughts and activities.

It was a wonderful opportunity for us and so we chose to speak about something that is vital for our connection with life and spirit; we spoke about how we believe we should fall in love with our clients and give ‘til it hurts!

Whoa! What did you say? Loving your clients!? Yes. Correct.

A big ‘ol statement to put out there isn’t it! But don’t get the wrong impression, this isn’t some soppy charter for being all pink hearts and flowers!  As Tad Hargrave says “Falling in love with your clients is the most bottom line, highest ROI thing you can do. It is what successful business IS!”(check out Tad’s “Marketing For Hippies” website, he’s an inspiration for us and has lots of great free resources).

Grounded Connection with Life & Spirit:

The Junari team dream of building a more connected, human way of doing business, one that ditches the casualness of short-term marketing scams (not that we were ever into these anyway!) and frees us up to be more of our authentic, powerful selves.  A life and business that means we are working with clients who get what we’re trying to achieve and are appreciative of what we’re doing for them, and means we are also able to make a positive impact on our wider community.

So we thought that it was sort of obvious that this should be the subject of our presentation! We treated the audience to a walk-through of our 7 principles of client love, which are our interpretation and take on Tad Hargrave’s “7 Principles of Pre-Eminence” of which there is more on his website:

  • Fall in love with clients
  • Serve (the clients not yourself)
  • Be a Trusted Advisor (offer shelter & protection)
  • Offer Richer Possibilities
  • Commit to Radical Integrity
  • Commit to a Long Term Relationship
  • Work at Deepening Appreciation

….and then we went on to talk about how the 2nd law of thermodynamics applies to our business and these client-love principles (well what presentation would be complete without mentioning a fundamental natural law of our universe!)

And the audience seemed to like what we had to say – here are some of the comments we got after the evening:

Thank you for last night, it was a really excellent and thoughtful presentation”

“An inspiring presentation. Thank you.”

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk yesterday, it was certainly thought provoking and something I would like to explore further”

“It was a real pleasure to hear someone talking such good sense about business. It’s all too rare – and what you said reflected my own long-held beliefs very strongly. Thanks for convincing me I’m not the only one who thinks this way”.

“Thank you so much for a brilliant presentation – full of insight and information, with wonderful humour”

Here at Junari we believe that we always have a choice to do the right thing, even if it “hurts” because in the long run doing the right thing is never going to be the wrong thing.

And we guess we’re doing something right as we have never yet lost a client to another CRM system in all our years of operating. But we’re not bragging or being complacent about this! We remain curious and engaged as to how we can bring more value to our clients’ businesses, with less risk and jeopardy.

If you’d like to know more about our 7 Client-Love principles (perhaps you’re also intrigued to know more about what the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics has got to do with the creation and delivery of CRM software) or if you’d also be interested in attending one of Suffolk’s Conscious Business Association’s get-togethers then do some ‘cause and effect’ of your own and give us a nudge by using the lovely pink “get in touch” button below.