A fully tailorable CRM System designed to support your business for success

  • Simple to use yet powerful, modern functionality
  • Complete UK support and extra training as needed
  • Can be customised and integrated to suit your business
  • Total mobility means it can be used anywhere
  • Built, customised, and supported by Junari

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CRM Software with added functionality


Manage the relationship with your customers and connect with more people with a powerful, easy to use pay-as-you-go CRM system that you can access wherever you are.


JunariCRM+ offers more functionality than other CRM systems and comes with complete UK support Plus the software can be customised to suit your processes seamlessly.


The added advantage of CRM+ is that it expands to meet your requirements, so you only ever pay for elements and modules you use and only use as many as you need.

We are rare amongst CRM providers in that we both build systems and offer consultancy and training on those systems, which means you will never be left with a product that doesn’t meet your needs entirely. You’ll never have to ‘just make do’ or bend your processes to use our CRM software because it will be tailored to meet the way your business and your people work.

CRM Software for Every Industry

Whether you are looking for small business CRM, sales CRM or a totally customisable customer database that fulfils all your business requirements – we believe that our software is exactly what you need. We have been building CRM systems from our base in Essex for a diverse range of clients in a wide variety of industries all over the UK for a number of years now, and as such have established ourselves as an experienced company that is highly enthusiastic about the product we have to offer.

CRM for Sales, CEOs, CFOs and CMOs…

Yes, we have built our CRM system with you in mind. No matter what your role, you can be sure that JunariCRM+ will ease your workload to increase profits or promote growth. The customisable functionality, total mobility and ability to be as flexible as your business needs, make our product a winner whatever your role within a company. Plus we offer as much training as you and your staff need as and when you need it, so you only ever pay for what you use, keeping you firmly in charge of the company purse strings.

Small Business CRM or Big Business CRM? Your size doesn’t scare us!

Our pay-as-you-go system is perfect for small businesses. JunariCRM+ has been built to expand with your business so you can rest assured that your customer relationship management system is fit for purpose at every level.

Equally if you’re a large-scale organisation with multiple locations and hundreds or thousands of users then our system can scale to deal with the challenges you have. Once JunariCRM+ is implemented there should be no size or scale related reason for you to ever have to consider another CRM system again.

Our tailor-ability means we’ll fit your business like a glove…

We hate “proprietary” software solutions and especially fixed-code that dictates a certain way of doing business. What business can accommodate this approach 100% effectively? We’ve not met one yet. Your business is going to be “differently similar” within your industry to others in the same industry. It is the similarity that makes some business people think an off-the-shelf-customisable solution will work, but it is the powerful differences in your business that provide your advantage and uniqueness.

Solutions that have fixed workflow processes, or limited customisations condemn your business to following the rest of the herd. Why would you want to just follow what your competitors are doing because you’re using a defacto standard CRM? Give yourself real market differentiation and market advantage by using a truly tailor-able solution from JunariCRM+.

The initial outlay in terms of what it cost to put the system in place, both in terms of money and time spent, we have received back tenfold at least. [The investment] has been worth it. I would recommend JunariCRM+ to anybody!

Nicola Sunderland, Partner at Countrywide South East LLP

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