About JunariCRM+

“The new JunariCRM+ system has become part of our competitive edge and is helping us drive for even greater quality and efficiency in our service delivery”

Junari provide Tailored CRM Software Solutions and offer the expertise in both software development and business process automation to help you manage your business and achieve your business goals.

Junari is a Japanese phrase meaning “your chosen path”, we pride ourselves on our sense of honour and strong business ethics, you can be certain that working with us is a good path for you to follow. We have a rare mix of current skills in a team with a passion for delighting our customers.

Founder and former CEO, Steve Austin:


Our vision is to be a happy and successful, creative and innovative software company delivering world class CRM solutions

Our brand reflects a very professional yet friendly attitude and our clients tell us “it really works”.

Internally our employee brand reflects commitment, intelligence and being supportive to the team

What makes us different

Our customers tell us that we are rare as we do listen and we are very responsive as a company, we see it as a journey that we accompany you on as your trusted advisers. You might even find we make it enjoyable!

We are experts in producing tailored solutions (based on CRM+). Our range of products enables a system to fit into your business with less effort and less cost than you might think.

Our promise to you

We will take time to really listen to you and then find the best fit for your needs and your budget.

We can evolve your systems as your market and your customers’ needs change, keeping them future-proof.

We deliver on time, to budget, and to the right level of quality.

We will help save you time, increase efficiency and therefore increase profits

Organisation of Responsible Businesses

Sometimes it’s not good enough to just stand on your own and make highfalutin statements of having a higher purpose and deep desire to engender a triple bottom line approach (people, profit, planet). For a movement to have momentum then it’s important to join with other like-minded people and share and build frameworks together. That’s why we belong to the Organisation of Responsible Businesses (ORB ) and why we are working through the Responsible Business Workbook to challenge ourselves to remain curious on this topic and strive for the best (most relevant to our personal) ethics and why we’ve signed up to their membership pledge:

We pledge to operate our business in an honest and ethical manner; to consider people and the environment when making business decisions; and endeavour to make a positive contribution to the local community and society at large.

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