“Charity begins at home, but should not end there.” With the compelling and highly tailorable JunariCRM+ system helping you there is every chance of your organisation seeing success!

The work of charitable organisations in the 21st century is extensive and, increasingly we see the sector having to resort to management techniques and methods of the more conventionally-thought-of as “hard-nosed” commercial sector in order to remain able to deliver to their cause and avoid service/delivery rationing.

One of the core tenets of commerce today is the need to focus on the customer; charities have no less an imperative of course, and arguably have it tougher because they also need to focus on their fundraising donor communities too.

The last seven or so years have been a tough period for the charity-sector. With the global economic downturn washing over the UK, government spending cutbacks and increasing demands upon charitable services it seems there has been a “perfect storm” of commercial pressure for all charitable organisations.

Having your charitable house in order has never been so important!

Are you struggling to see the full picture of your essential parts– who is a donor, who is a volunteer, who is a recipient of your services?

Are you missing out donors in your fundraising efforts because you can’t keep track of them?

Are you creating inefficiency by keeping duplicate records, re-typing information and running disparate systems that won’t talk to one another ?

Are you careworn with the effort of keeping your teams informed and involved with fundraising campaigns or with the workflow that relates to delivering your charitable services to those in need?

Is producing a simple report to identify your top-10 donors over the last year by county so that you can target your next fundraising mailshot just too horrible a job to contemplate?

Do you get a massive stress-headache when it comes to proving beyond reasonable doubt to your funding organisations that you have delivered the benefit through your services that you promised you would?

Have you got your head in your hands because you’ve been asked to turn part of your charity’s assets into a revenue generator to add cash to the fundraising and don’t know how your systems will support this?

Juggling all of these key operational issues is hard – until you have JunariCRM+!

We can solve it – and here’s the proof…

So if this sounds a bit like you, then we’d like to shake your hand and reassure you that we have a solution for you.

Come and join the other charities that have benefited from our “considered approach and beyond-a-price value delivery.”

You can read about two JunariCRM+ implementations we’ve done with charities and go green with jealousy when you see how effortless it is to transform your organisation’s efficiency and build solid fundraising foundations

The Mix

The Mix is a new young-person led charity, located in Stowmarket, whose aim is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people in the area.  In April 2014 they opened the doors to their fantastic new £6million funded architect designed building. We think every town should have their own The Mix equivalent! Find out how we’re helping The Mix team to achieve their efficiency targets…

Headway Herts

Headway Hertfordshire is a charity that provides for the care of individuals with brain injuries and their carers. The charity is part of the Headway UK network who provide support to local Groups and Branches and who aim to deliver guidance on policies, procedures, standard and training. The Headway team needed a longer-term and better-quality solution to their existing infrastructure if the charity was to deliver the mandatory key-performance-information to its funders. Find out how we gave them their perfect solution, prompting their Chief Executive to comment “any charity should seriously consider implementing JunariCRM+”
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