“…the JunariCRM+ system is simply an awesome beast!”

A brand new charity with a new team faced a big challenge – how to get a CRM system that had the complexity to match needs with a price tag they could afford?


New Charity – New Challenges…

A glimpse of the wonderful home of The Mix.

The Mix is a new young-person led charity, located in Stowmarket, whose aim is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people in the area. The charity caters for youngsters aged 11 – 25 years of age. In April 2014 they opened the doors to their fantastic new £6million funded architect designed building which is the nerve-centre of the charities operations and offers a fabulous range of resources & activities for youngsters in the area.

The building is a shining example of the quality and diversity of events on offer. With 15 different rooms, a mini- theatre, outdoor space and media studios available to book. The building’s design was heavily influenced by the story “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carrol and there are many references to this throughout. The Mix team are rightly proud of their new home.

After the excitement of the opening phase had abated and the small team of staff knuckled down to the day to day work of running the charity it was soon clear that a CRM system would be needed to help manage all of these aspects. The threat was that the team wouldn’t be able to optimise the use of the building and management of membership fees using just excel and disparate cloud-based systems alone.

So before bad habits set in, Stuart Leader, Finance & General Manager decided to begin a supplier-selection process to find the perfect solution. To misquote Lewis Carrol, given the Alice in Wonderland theme the building manifests! “ Stuart came to a fork in the road. ‘Which road do I take?’ he asked ”

“Free” Systems are Time Expensive…

Once it was clear that conventional office software would not allow the team to be effective and efficient in managing the work requirements Stuart and the team begin to explore free or very low-cost online systems.

Stuart comments: “ We experimented with a number of free or very inexpensive online systems with not a lot of success – and some actually made more work than we started with! Not good! So, we took the decision that the only way to meet our operational requirements was to have a bespoke system built ”

Early explorations into the costs involved in a wholly bespoke system quickly revealed that simply to scope out the requirements (let alone implement the software) would potentially cost tens of thousands – a budget far outside The Mix’s commercial plans!

With the project at a potential impasse Stuart was seriously concerned that he would be unable to have the operations of the charity running as smoothly as he really needed them to be if targets were to be met and funding challenges delivered.

Stuart continues “ We produced an initial vision for our dream system knowing that there would more than likely be a number of compromises in the process. Then on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon in April, Steve Austin from Junari came to demonstrate the JunariCRM+ system to us.”

“Initially I thought ‘it has been a long day and I am seeing things’. Steve continued to demonstrate the system and I could not believe it – JunariCRM+ was not only our dream but it even went further than I dared imagine! My next question was “how much do I have to pay for this awesome beast?” – when Steve confirmed the price it was a simple decision; where do I sign!”

“Begin at the Beginning”

The Mix team have just completed the project scoping and requirements gathering with Junari and development work to tailor the system is beginning – the project is in its formative stages, however Stuart and The Mix team are very pleased with progress so far:

Stuart explains “ Project managing the introduction of a new system would normally fill most people with fear and send them running for the hills. However, we feel in safe hands and have actually enjoyed every meeting we have had with Junari. Clear objectives have been set for each meeting and any outstanding items are known and quickly followed up. If only all meetings were like this! Actually, come to think of it – if only all CRM software products were like JunariCRM+!”

Watch this space…

As the project with The Mix proceeds and they begin to realise the benefits and the daily efficiency savings that JunariCRM+ will provide to them, we will be back to describe the outcomes. As Alice in the midst of Wonderland says “ It must come sometime to jam today “.

The Junari Team are confident it will be “jam” all the way for The Mix!

When did you last get powerful business success from your CRM Solution?

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