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In an abridged excerpt of an interview with Nicola Sunderland, Trust & Estate Practitioner of Countrywide South East (CSE) you can read how the JunariCRM+ software can be the perfect Customer Relationship Management solution and the hardest working and most valuable member of staff that you will ever have!


CSE provide Legal Services, Probate, Professional Executor and Trustee services. They provide advice in all aspects of estate planning and asset protection and hold the status of a Tax and Trust Corporation. A Trust Corporation is a business organised specifically for entering into fiduciary relationships with individual organisations to act as an executor, guardian or trustee in administration of custodial arrangements, estates and trust funds.

Their business is complex and highly confidential with discretion and vigilance crucial in order to provide appropriate levels of customer-service. Workflows involved with each customer case can be protracted and circuitous with high-levels of regulation imposed upon the company’s work and of course, significant commercial-risk should errors occur whilst processing client-case details. Trust is a commodity that is valued highly at Countrywide and constant demonstration of their professionalism and efficiency in processing client accounts is a key value point for the business.

Nikki explains: “We knew that we needed a CRM system to service our clients efficiently and to grow the business. We needed something more structured than the manual process that we were using. Initially I was looking at of-the-shelf CRM systems but because our process is complicated and unique to us we needed bespoke functionality. We were recommended to speak to Steve at Junari. They spent a lot of time with me and my team to really understand what the system had to do for us so that the software could exactly meet our requirements which are not exactly straightforward. That has enabled us to end up with a CRM system that does exactly what we need it to do and now we are going above and beyond our initial expectations to build further functionality.”

Business problems?

CSE had identified that their business growth was being hampered by the manual work processes the company was employing. Work was conducted by a small but highly skilled team, but communication of key status points in client-accounts workflow remained difficult and highly manual, relying upon paper-based files and many disparate spread-sheets.

The business needed to remove the strangle hold that the existing processes had them in and to take advantage of the business growth that the team’s high-quality customer-centric work was creating. But the team felt unwilling to risk pushing for more client work without the concomitant fear that error-rates would rise UNLESS they could find a suitable solution to help them.

  • Greater efficiency and cost reduction – the business case was based on delivering growth
  • A single consolidated system – More systematic and joined-up approach to work using a single version of the truth, enabling and assisting with the drive for growth
  • Access to data – enabling the whole team to view client-data and status. This meant that team members could support one another more easily and clients could be provided with information/activity upon request rather than having to wait for their specific case-worker to be available.
  • Maintaining processes – They were keen to tailor a solution rather than having to change their processes to fit in with an ‘out-of-the-box’ system, and creating a wholly-bespoke solution meant excessive cost.
  • Greater visibility – a greater and more accurate understanding of the dynamics of the business in order to analyse and plan for growth

The Solution?

Junari identified that their JunariCRM+ ® product would deliver on all the requirements that CSE needed and in particular provide a system that could be tailored to meet all of CSE’s process flow requirements. Furthermore, the product’s look and feel and vocabulary could be entirely changed to fit with the CSE team’s own work lingo. From the initial requirements scoping period – during which Steve and the Junari team took time to help CSE describe their ideal process and suggest latent improvements that the system could offer – to the completed system implementation took just 4 months.

“I had experience of a previous system called ‘ACT’ but I knew it wouldn’t be able to do what we wanted it to do because it was off the shelf and we’d have to basically put a square peg in a round hole. But I liked the usability and the fact that you could pick it up without much training. So that is what I liked about the Junari solution – it was a key criteria. When new team members have come in they’ve literally figured the JunariCRM+ ® system out and started to use it by themselves – this is down to the customisation … it really is specific to our company”.

Benefits Delivered?

“….we can work a lot more efficiently as a team. We don’t have nearly as many errors in our process as we were having before because it is automated now. There’s no piece of work that gets left or misplaced because it’s all on the system at the touch of a button… Which from a customer service perspective makes us look really good and has led to an increased level of business being referred from our clients.

Implementing the system has been exceptional value for money. The initial outlay in terms of what it cost to put the system in place, both in terms of money and time spent, we have received back tenfold at least and we’re still building upon that initial output. ….The team [have got] a fraction of the stress that they suffered before when it was manual. The initial outlay and continued outlay has been worth it”.

“I would recommend JunariCRM+ ® to anybody!”

  • Business Growth Delivered – the team have grown by a factor of 4 and are processing 4 times more work
  • Work Quality Improvements – processing efficiency and effectiveness rates have been significantly increased by a factor of 2.
  • Opportunities Spotted – upsell and cross sells to clients are now identifiable and customer referral work is increasing significantly
  • Repeat Business – this has seen an upturn of 100%.

Quality of On-Going Support?

CSE felt it was important to have a company that was based in the UK, and importantly that had its product development team based in the UK too. Previous experiences of other CRM products and their after-sales service had left some deep psychological wounds in the organisational CSE mind! In particular the responsiveness that other software companies were able to provide to what CSE knew would be a continually evolving business requirement:

“When the system was initially put in place it was obviously new to the team and we found that there were a few user-teething problems but the Junari team were at the end of the phone and pretty much instantly able to resolve any issues. Anything that couldn’t be resolved there and then was only a matter of days before we had a solution and that is really reassuring. As we progress we know that any queries or issues we encounter are going to be dealt with really quickly; enabling us to feel confident that we will be able to deliver the high quality levels of customer service which is a priority for us.”

Undeniable Value-Add

The CSE business has gone from strength to strength as a direct result of JunariCRM+ ® and continues to provide concrete and sustainable business benefits that will continue to reap dividends for years to come. Both companies continue to work closely together to drive out further process efficiencies and productivity gains

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