“..the JunariCRM+ system is just brilliant! Any charity would love to get their hands on this!” Karyn Jones, Chief Executive, Headway Herts

Regular visitors to our website will already be aware of the work we’ve done with charities and not for profit organisations delivering our JunariCRM+ product into their organisations, and it is fair to say that we are on a mission to serve as many charities as we possibly can – because we are passionate about helping this sector in practical and useful ways.

Why do we want to help?

Because we know that there are charities out there who are struggling with their fundraising work, running disparate work and IT systems and juggling complex, error-prone spreadsheets or shoehorning “off the shelf” CRM software products and discovering that a 95% fit to their organisation processes just isn’t good enough and being unable to provide transparency on the positive impact their work is having – a key proof point if the charity is going to gain, retain and grow funding.

And because we know that there are charities out there desperate to find a fundraising and charity management software product that is established; robustly-tested; holistic to the whole organisation; totally tailorable, licence free that is also good value for money and affordable.

So we’ve gone ahead and built one!

Working upon the already deep foundations JunariCRM+ had for charities we’ve deepened the products abilities around fundraising management, volunteer management, membership management and reporting on outcomes. See the summary box down there to check out all of the functions that we have on offer. All of them deeply tailorable to your own specific requirements to ensure ease of user take-up and reduction of system complexity.

Help us to help…

So, if you are in a charity or you know of a charity that is trying to cope with the challenges mentioned and who in particular have a driving need to prove their return on impact in order to secure and develop funding possibilities then we would love to chat with them and see if we could help them. We’re confident that we can.

Here’s what JunariCRM+ can offer your charity:

  • Fundraising Campaign Management
  • Gift Aid Reporting
  • Donor Management & Volunteer Management
  • Membership Management
  • Invoicing & Integration with Sage and Xero
  • Email marketing & Event Management
  • Return on Impact & Outcome Reporting

Give us a call on 01206 625225 or email us on info@junaricrmplus.com or have a quick wander around our charity page on the website