JunariCRM+™ Product Development Latest

Dear readers; those of you lucky enough to have experienced our product and service delivery will know that we constantly pursue how we can improve our product’s functionality and ensure it remains contemporary with our clients’ needs.

We weren’t being glib when we set out to design and build a CRM system that actually does put each of our clients’ customers at the heart of their businesses in a tailor-made, great-value and no-license-fee-lock-in package.  We’ve toiled hard to construct what we know adds value to our clients’ businesses in meaningful and profitable ways – and we know we’ve done this because happily they regularly tell us!

It is because of this mission for product quality and business efficiency on behalf of your business that we proudly present our latest enhancements to the JunariCRM+™ product (drum roll in the background, symbol crashes and curtain goes up – Tah-Dah!):

But first, some scene setting:

A fed up office worker experiences what it is like NOT to use JunariCRM+

So here’s the situation; you receive an email with lots of brilliant information in it relating to a client’s account or a sales prospect that has a hot sales-lead opportunity. It’s valuable information!

You’re a good team-player who sees the bigger picture of what this information means to your wider businesses and so, naturally, you want to share it with the wider team. That way, everyone who needs to know this critical information gets to see it.  Or perhaps it is a serious status update that you need to make apparent to the relevant project team.  But oh dear. Forwarding emails always worries you slightly – will they get read in timely fashion? Will it get lost in Jeff from Sales’ in-box? Last time you encountered him at the coffee machine, he delightedly informed you he has got 5000+ items in it … and counting! As if it were a badge of honour! Tsk. Will the recipient actually read it – and then will they remember it at the right point in the corresponding workflow process?

To file it or not to file… that is the dilemma:

You’re imagining sitting at your desk right? You’re imagining all those emails pinging into your in box and feeling the frustration of knowing that if you’re to do the quality-thing then really you’ve got to potentially re-type summaries of them all into your current CRM system. Or more likely, you’ll just forget to put them into the CRM system (otherwise known as finding a higher priority bit of work to do) and just wait until somebody screams…

But if you’re a JunariCRM+™ customer this is not you!  No, if you’re a JunariCRM+™ client then you’re on easy street!  You’re not worried because you know that there is a neat solution to your once-apparent-quandary. And what’s more the conscientious chaps at Junari have just gone and made the whole process much easier for you by introducing a new product module, known as ‘Junari CRM+ FileIt™’.

Get emailed information into your CRM system with one click:

Available in version 4.4 customers who wish to file emails into the CRM+ system simply need to forward emails to a given email address (adding tags as needed) and the JunariCRM+ FileIt™ engine will automatically sort the rest out. Immediately turning you back into the important [insert your own job title here] that you really are and not the data entry clerk drudge that you have often found yourself having to be.

Product Enhancement Features:

  • Forward an email to a dedicated ‘FileIt’ mailbox within your mail domain (i.e. fileit@yourdomain.com) and it will be automatically filed into your CRM+ against the correct client records.
    • When sending e-mails, if the e-mail is ‘BCC’ed to the FileIt address, then it will be automatically filed to the customer history as a ‘sent’ e-mail.
    • When receiving e-mails from customers, they can be forwarded to the FileIt address and they will be filed into CRM+ as a Received e-mail – and of course you can use standard email client rules to further automate and streamline this process.
  • If there are any attachments on the email when it is forwarded to FileIt then these will also be filed against the relevant client record.
  • iCalendar internet standard integration is also available – which means that it auto syncs the JunariCRM+ calendar into iCalendar compliant calendars, such as smartphones, outlook, thunderbird etc

And because the JunariCRM+™ product (v4.4.1) has got Reference Numbers against Projects, Project Tasks and Opportunities you are able to file directly against these for even more “one-click-file-it-everywhere” functionality.

example of how to use keyword in subject line

To file an email against a particular sales opportunity for example, all you have to do is simply forward the email to your Junari CRM+ FileIt™ email address and within the email text add in the relevant words (for example, Opportunity 1234) to file that email in the system against the company and contact, but also in this instance relate it automatically to the relevant opportunity.

You can also enter the keyword and reference in the subject of the email, which has the additional benefit of being quicker to file an incoming reply that still contains the reference in the title. This is shown in the screenshot on the right.

When did you last get powerful business success from your CRM solution and provider?

So; are you wasting too much of your valuable time doing important but simplistic tasks that frankly our JunariCRM+ product could do more cheaply and effectively for you?

To find out more about the Junari CRM+ FileIt™ enhancement to the powerful and completely tailor-able JunariCRM+™ solution then just get in touch with us  for a totally commitment-free initial discussion about your requirements info@junaricrmplus.com