The Junari Woooow Moment (Part 2)

Got Any Pains?

Are you experiencing pain in your business? Is that pain due to niggling thoughts that you’re leaving “money on the table” and missing valuable opportunities? Or perhaps the pain is due to undeniable revenue-losses that have been caused by unintentional bad customer service, losing critical client information or being unable to react at the optimum moment. Maybe you’re just fed-up having to work so hard and repeating yourself just to get to a point of business-truth that you can actually trust.

These are all common symptoms. So if you’re suffering any level of these then read on – we have a fantastic offer that you may wish to grab at the bottom of the page.

(If you’re fully on-top of all your customer data, client/product/service profitability and never waste a minute of the working day having to double-check information then you can stop reading and go back to being a superhero. Thanks for stopping by though, don’t be a stranger, we love superheroes)

Have you heard of “Woooow” waves?

We love Paul Dunn the co-founder of B1G1 charity foundation and self-proclaimed “Wizard of Wow” (we wrote a blog about it a while back, go check it out when you’re finished reading this).

Paul has developed the “Wow” marketing moment theory and now talks about “Woooow” waves– these are similar to “Wow” moments but much deeper, more profound occurrences of connection. Wow moments can be intangible connections that fade over time. But give someone – a customer for instance – a “Woooow” moment and these are often transformational and are likely to remain permanent.

They’re moments of Business Truth hitting you between the eyes…

And we know them very well – we make it our business to deliver business truth into our customers’ businesses. A feeling of total clarity, neatness and powerful patterns pointing you in a very specific strategic direction – that’s what our JunariCRM+ system will deliver.  You’d like proof?

So here’s an example from a client of ours who was suffering a great deal of business pain because of their systems and lack of business truth and how JunariCRM+ gave them a “woooow” moment. Names and industry sectors have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike:

Welcome to Company “X”

They are a service delivery company, turning over about £5m a year with about 60 or so employees. They had about 200 customers on the books and offered multiple services all sold on a monthly retainer model. All looked well in the business – they had just completed their 3rd year of year on year growth.

BUT the thing was that the rising tide of a market they lived within was raising all boats.

You see, this company was actually in a great deal of pain and suffering on a daily basis, yet they did not notice. Until, that is, they employed someone new – let’s call him “Bob” – and he started to ask the pertinent business questions. These are the pain symptoms he discovered:

  • No-one had a clear idea of which clients were on which package
  • No-one followed a standard service-process
  • No-one knew the man-hour ‘burn-rate’ cost of the business
  • No-one knew the break-even point of the service packages
  • No one logged where time was spent
  • No-one knew the individual profitability of each client
  • Staff were prioritising on the basis of which client was [SA2] shouting most loudly
  • Service was being devalued as they were differentiating on price only
  • Multiple systems were being used (spreadsheets, apps, SaaS tools) so multiple versions of the “truth” existed
  • Losing a few customers” turned out to be a 100% annual churn rate (with pre-sales lead times for new customers running at roughly 5-6 months)
So “Bob” called for help and together we crafted a business case that would see the cost of the CRM+ implementation fully paid back in real business benefits in just 8 months.  Suffice to say that “Bob’s” presentation to the board went down well.
And once JunariCRM+ had been implemented, these are some of the “possible’s” that were exposed (they’d been hiding behind all that pain and lack of business truth):
  • That certain low-priced service packages the company was offering took twice the amount of man-effort than higher-priced service packages. So “Bob” was able to amend the sales & pricing strategies and get the cut-price, low-value offerings ditched (upselling these clients onto a better package as he did).
  • That aged-debt levels were increasing whilst recovery rates remained very low.  “Bob” had the proof to engage new debt-collection partners and recovery rates improved together with new, faster-reacting “service on-hold” procedures protecting the company from further risk.
  • That the actual capacity levels in the customer service team were such that plans for further recruitment were not needed – so “Bob” managed to save all the cash that had been ring-fenced for recruitment costs. Result!
  • That revenues from a particular service line were in a slow, but spookily-persistent decline.  This was the business truth that “Bob” needed in order to strengthen his business case that the company should put diversification plans into action.

“Bob” was promoted. Business-truth is a powerful thing!

Fancy some practical help getting your very own “Woooow” moment?

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There is one condition to this offer – and that is that we may NOT recommend our own JunariCRM+ product for you. So you should be prepared for that.  We want to be clear about this and know that you understand. This is not a trifling sales gimmick for us to get more product sales.  We’re offering you a chance to get started on finding your business truth and simply because we’d like to know that we helped 5 more businesses on the road to being more successful.

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