“With JunariCRM+ you know they have your best interest at heart – they want to get it right for the customer”

Quality Care demands Quality Training, demands Quality Systems

At the end of July 2014 that we had the pleasure of an enquiry through our website from Franklins Fire and Safety Ltd asking if we’d be able to help them with their quest for a CRM system good enough to be the cornerstone for their ambitious business growth plans.

As we finalise Franklins’ requirements and start to build their JunariCRM+ implementation, we wanted to share the story so far…

Franklins Fire and Safety Ltd delivers high quality risk assessment and training solutions, chiefly into the UK Care industry (i.e. Care homes, Hospitals etc.) as well as into corporate organisations, schools and local authorities. Franklins specialise in safety legislation related training and assist clients in achieving sector specific safety training compliance.

At the core of Franklins’ dedicated service effort is a very clear intent that the delivery must be of the best quality training, or risk assessment, in the most efficient and effective way for their customers.

A key part of Franklins’ focus is a wish to provide clear compliancy information to the care home organisations ; the care-sector is for obvious and highly valid reasons a highly-regulated area where safety and quality are hugely important and therefore why the delivery of training and the surety of compliance with standards makes a significant commercial and societal difference to Franklins’ customers.

Charlie Franklin, Franklins’ Sales & Marketing Executive comments “The inability of o ur existing systems to produce compliancy reports with ease and accuracy was beginning to feel like a real ‘brake’ on our business growth and a threat to our quality-intent”.

“This clearly wasn’t acceptable and so we acted quickly to find a replacement solution – one that would match the way we like to do business, that was simple to use and would remain relevant to our business for a long time.”

Business Objectives

  • Accurate compliancy reporting with collaborative features for better customer service delivery and fast identification of any customer compliancy deltas.
  • Efficient and timely resource planning to optimise resource potential and reduce bottom line costs.
  • Full process integration from pre-sales through to invoicing and finance to reduce process bottle-necks, ensure precise audit trails and minimise errors.

“Finding Junari has been such a relief….!”

Charlie considered a number of companies before finding JunariCRM+: “ Most of the CRM companies I approached wanted to check that we could afford their services before they could even be bothered to find out about our business issues and problems! The team at Junari were as far removed from this scenario as possible.”

“ My initial enquiry to Junari was answered promptly with a light but competent touch that reassured me they had the answers I needed.”

“This great start was consolidated when Junari visited our offices for the first time – our whole office was taken aback by how they were; Junari only wanted to know what our business problems were and why these problems mattered to us. They listened and made copious notes! We have loved the fact that every time Junari had a question it was related to something we had mentioned – they never wanted to try and fix something that wasn’t broken or wasn’t relevant”.

They listened to the need and our requirements. That was all they were interested in” .

“The funniest and most wonderful thing is that Junari have never tried to ‘sell’ anything to me! It was an easy decision to decide to work with them”.

Ready, Steady, Go…..!

“ Working with Junari is fast paced, exciting and fun. Already they feel like friends. The proposal document they wrote for us after that first meeting could not have been more spot on! They really demonstrated that they had heard us and understood us”.

“Now we’re just going through the job of signing-off the detailed business requirements for the JunariCRM+ solution and that process has also been joyful, even though it has involved several in-depth meetings going through everything with a fine toothcomb. The upfront investment the Junari guys put into understanding what we need speaks volumes for the quality of the JunariCRM+ system that we’re going to get .”

“There’s a real buzz around our office, knowing we have this super new system on the way has already impacted all parts of our business. “ I think the real compliment for Junari is how much everybody here speaks about the Junari team. After all the headaches caused and the wasted hours spent we finally can see light at the end of the tunnel. Before the CRM+ has even started to be built it feels like Junari have lifted a cloud and made our business even stronger

Could your business do with some relief from “stranglehold” CRM systems? Fancy dealing with a CRM company that really listens and builds a CRM to match your business? Get in touch with us – as Charlie says, it might be your best business move yet!….

If you’ve got to the point in your business when you’re fed up with data-dilemmas and tortuous-truth-trails and like the idea of knowing exactly what’s going on in your business for once and all, then may we suggest you drop us an email and have a quick chat with us.

If you want to read a few more case studies first though then head back to them here and reassure yourself some more.