“Every good product I’ve ever seen is because a group of people cared deeply about making something wonderful that they and their friends wanted. They wanted to use it themselves” Steve Jobs

As a legendary “product-guy” Steve Jobs had a passion for developing products that were entirely and wholly usable.  And whether you’re an Apple fan or not, you have to tip your hat at how Mr Jobs’ focus was made manifest.

And those two points he thought were key to developing great product – wanting to produce something meaningful that your friends (or business associates) want to use and that you yourself want to use – is where we started when developing JunariCRM+.

Number one on our list of “must-haves” was that our product had to be entirely customisable to each and every one of or uniquely special, differently similar and similarly different clients. Not just so that we could provide a bespoke-able product for these businesses but so that we could produce a bespoke-able individual user experience for their team members too.

Because for you as our client, the success of our product, is ultimately your experience of it. This and nothing more.

And as our client you’ll want a system that supports the uniqueness of your business so that you can maintain your unique subtleties of innovation and not end up being just like your competitors.

And as our client you’ll want your team to be able to get on with the job of data input, management reporting, task management, workflow progress and following up on sales leads without having to think too much and work too hard at completing this.

Because the reality of most CRM systems is that they suffer from “feature bloat” syndrome and this results in overly busy user screens and icon-overload. In truth, users of your CRM system are going to end up using 5% of your CRM’s functionality 95% of the time. So all those “really useful” features being scattered before them, blinking away on the screen are on the whole a waste of space and probably a bit off-putting.

We think a better approach is to allow your users to concentrate on what they need to do and do it well (efficiently and accurately).  Each and every one of your users on a JunariCRM+ system can have a tailored user-experience so that they can get straight to what they each need to do quickly and get it done; building your business success as they do.

Avoid the feature-bloat; cut straight to the point of what you need each person to do and we’ll build that into your system so that working with the CRM becomes a simple and natural extension of how your team does its work. That’s good news because it will mean your CRM will get used, the data going in will be truthful and timely and you’ll have confidence that you’re following up the right leads, doing the right work for your clients in the right order. In short you’ll have a CRM that is working for you and helping you grow your business.

Okay, so your team members may not have many pretty icons to look at on the screen with our CRM, just the ones they really need to use – but is your face bothered? No, mine neither!

The key thing to avoiding the dangers of feature-bloat is to find a CRM vendor that understands that creating a successful CRM product is about creating a great usability experience, not only delivering functionality that is valuable but that also helps people use it.  The good news is that if you’re reading this you can relax. You’ve already found us.

And if you can remember nothing else from this article then make it these two simple and compelling facts…

  • Users will use simple but powerful products – choose a CRM that will allow you to create the shortest “critical path” for your users. Why? Because we’re all lazy! This is not to cast unkind aspersions at the whole of the human race! Just stating the reality that we seldom have enough time for all the things we need to get done in the working-day. So it makes sense to encourage your team to do the critical work-activities – the ones that you invested in the CRM to help them perform – by making the experience simple. You may not be thanked directly by your users, but the return on your investment will probably help keep you warm at night instead.
  • Be aware that the devil is in the “default” – most people don’t bother to read the instruction manual, or the carefully written CRM User Guide. Instead people will jump in and try things out for themselves, clicking around until they find the ‘pathways’ through the system that make sense for them. So think carefully about your CRM’s “default” experience – the one that happens without any additional learning or customisation – as it is this experience that will determine the success or failure of your CRM’s usability.  One of our clients managed to quadruple the number of their team members, get them set up and working on the CRM+ system without any need for any system training or manuals or indeed any additional support from us, simply because the system we’d built for them matched their work vocabulary succinctly and embodied the natural flow of the actual work they were doing.

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