Customer relationship management is essential in every sector. We can work with you to ensure that CRM+ does exactly what your business needs to make more connections and make more sales to help your business grow.

Finance − Law − Marketing − Retail − Public Sector − Architecture − Property Management

Product resales

If your business is involved in the reselling of products, then JunariCRM can work for you. Your customers can be individuals or companies, or even both.

Seamless sales CRM out of the box from start to finish! Junari CRM + lets you:

  • Manage products
  • Raise quotes
  • Place sales orders
  • Then invoice your customer

Plus, for a little extra we can make sure that when customers place orders from your site, they will automatically be added to your CRM+ system. Genius.


If you run a consultancy business, knowing every last detail about your customers can help you manage your customer relations like a networking guru. Use CRM+ to manage your customers, their current and past relationships with Companies, their social media habits, and keep copious notes on their personal preferences so that you remember Timmy’s birthday or where they went on holiday last year. JunariCRM+ helps you manage customers by understanding:

  • Current and past relationships with Companies
  • Social media habits
  • Personal preferences
  • Importance of notable dates and events such as birthdays and holidays

Plus, for a little extra we can make sure that when customers place orders from your site, they will automatically be added to your CRM+ system. Genius.

You can then view your sales pipeline to make sure you make the right connections just at the right time, manage your services, and who has had what (and at what price!) easily.

Service Delivery

To help you run your service delivery business, CRM+ incorporates sales categories so you can track which services your clients have taken from you, and which they might be likely to in the future.

Save time and capitalise on business opportunities with forward thinking software designed to help you run your service delivery business. JunariCRM+ incorporates sales categories so you can:

  • Track the services your clients have used
  • Determine what services they might want in the future

You can also use our projects module to co-ordinate your activities, and those of subcontractors.

A CRM System to ease the workload…

Whatever your position within a company, CRM+ has been designed to make your job a whole lot easier, allowing you to get on with the real business of managing your business!

  • CFOs – Achieve greater ROI with no licencing
  • MDs/CEOs − See ALL communications, sales progress, customer service and projects in one view
  • Sales Directors − Manage pipelines down to service, salesperson, quotas and stage for accurate reporting on progress and success
Find out even more about how CRM+ can ease your workload, whatever your role in a company, whatever industry sector your company sits within!

If you would like us to create industry-sector-advantage for you then simply get in touch by clicking on the “Get in Touch” button below or email us at

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