JunariCRM+ Integrates with Xero Accounting Software

A great on-line CRM product with easy integration into a great on-line accounting software product with the hands-on support of the expert Junari team … does life get any easier?

JunariCRM+ is a fully customisable, integratable CRM system that can be easily modified to fityour specific needs, providing “plug in and go” modular functionality that will be tailored to match the wayyou work. It’s a powerful solution that will expand withyou; helpingyou to cut costs, optimise efficiencies and accelerate your growth.

JunariCRM+ allows you to manage your whole enterprise. From lead generation (both email and telesales), through all customer related activities and communications, after-sales customer service with document management and stock management thrown in! And, it will help you keep track of your team too with its Human Resource Management Module.

Have your team accessing vital customer information easily and flexibly and able to respond to your customers’ needs exactly when needed.

Combine JunariCRM+ & Xero for a powerful end-to-end business solution

  • Manage your full end-to-end client lifecycle (lead generation through to invoicing and back again)
  • Create customers and suppliers in JunariCRM+ and have them automatically created directly in Xero – type the details once only and save yourself some time!
  • Have all invoice history, payment history, lifetime-value statements etc. easily to hand and ready for you when you’re speaking with customers.
  • Feel safe in knowing that your financial data is being seen by the right people in your organisation with the sophisticated user-permission security applied by JunariCRM+
  • Help your team prioritise their customer-facing work in light of customer’s credit account status; optimise your cash-flow performance!

What is Xero?

  • Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.
  • It’s all online, so you can work when and where you want to. Just login with your PC, Mac or mobile.
  • Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorized, letting you see your cashflow in realtime.
  • Invite your team and work together on financials. You can collaborate over your up-to-date numbers.
  • Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.
Find out more or try Xero Accounting Software for free!

Begin your business revolution; put JunariCRM+ and Xero into your organisation!

Connecting your JunariCRM+ with Xero is dead easy; you just need to give us a call and we’ll hold your hand throughout the process, after all why do it on your own when you’ve got our expert-team to help you with each step, all fully included in the great value for money price.

Join the ever growing community of business-savvy organisations who’ve got the powerful efficiency-boosting fit of a bespoke CRM system for the price of an off-the-shelf product – because they were sensible enough to install JunariCRM+.

Find out how JunariCRM+ and Xero could transform your business. E-mail us at info@junaricrmplus.com or call on 01206 625225