“… the Junari System is so special”

With the pressure of customer enquiries building this manufacturing company wanted to find a bespoke system that didn’t carry the prohibitive price points they were being quoted. JunariCRM’s modularity and tailor-ability provided the ideal solution and fitted to a “T”

This case study is an annotated excerpt from an interview with the commercial director of a London based manufacturing company. They have a policy of not being named in press releases which is absolutely fine by us. Apart from deeply respecting the wishes of our clients’ we are perversely pleased when our solution proves to be so compelling that clients’ want to keep their new found catalyst for market and competitor advantage to themselves…

However, the work we’ve done for this company has provided many benefits and is a great example of our product’s ability to be tightly tailored to a client’s requirements that we are compelled to share it a little bit. So here is a vignette of what we managed to achieve together, with no-names being mentioned in order to protect the successful.

The project started in December 2010 by capturing detailed requirements and scoping the customisation that would be made to support company specific functionality. There was a high degree of CRM customisation as well as website integration, the initial phase went live and training was delivered in the first week of April 2011.

The commercial director explains: “…in the beginning of the project we were seeking a way to manage the high number of web and telephone enquiries we receive in a less haphazard and more transparent way”.

Knowledge & Enthusiasm

“We originally discovered Junari whilst scanning the internet for possible solution providers. We decided on Junari because it was modular and it could grow as we developed and new needs arose. Other solutions included off-the-shelf, in-the-cloud and bespoke solutions. We decided upon Junari because it offered enough structure but with the flexibility to mould to suit our niche business .”

“We were happy with Junari as our solution provider really due to the fact that they were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals who were keen to understand our business so that they could translate the processes into to a robust system that would fit our needs and help us develop our business for years to come.”

Expert collaboration

“We used a collaborative and iterative approach to development, which avoided detailed specifications going back and forth and this resulted in an accelerated implementation cycle. This worked very well and meant that development was fast but still captured complicated elements of the business as we went along. We really felt like we had highly competent experts on our team working towards delivering our goals.”

Pride goes before… a fantastic system!

“Since go-live in April 2011, the experience of working with Junari has been very constructive. In fact, after 12 months of using the system for managing customers and the transition of their enquiries to orders, we decided to develop these aspects with Junari into more of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution. The reason for this is to realise the benefits of having a joined up solution and provide customers and employees with a complete picture of work done or work in-hand.

“We have found that Junari are prepared to work hard to understand our business and adapt the system as required. We have also found that they take real pride in what they produce, which means a great deal to us as a company.”

Great Service & Value for Money!

“…all of the objectives we initially identified were met in the first implementation and we felt that we received excellent value for money . More benefits became evident during the process, such as capturing details of enquiries through integration with our website that prevented additional keying of information from an email or from the contact page.

The ability to grow the system to use the power of its existing modules, with customisation, has proved extremely useful and we are slowly moving most of our systems to Junari, or integrating with it in the case of Sage 50. What we have now is really very special….”

Benefits Delivered?

  • Business Growth Delivered – the team are processing significantly more work
  • Costs Cut – administration costs have been frozen at since go-live.
  • Work Qualities Improvements – human-error rates have reduced drastically.
  • Opportunities Spotted – upsell and cross sells to clients are now identifiable and customer referral work is increasing.

When did you last get powerful business success from your CRM solution?

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