Once bitten, twice as keen!

Paul already had first hand experience of the Junari value-add so when it came to his own business the choice of CRM solution was an easy one…

Usability is Key

The team at Obsidian Consulting have three core areas of approach: focus, innovation and teamwork. They bring together experts and specialists who have variously held senior-management positions within the corporate world and who have now moved into the world of consulting. They aim to provide incisive and clear-thinking business advice.

In order to facilitate the continuing growth of the consultancy and ensure that the teams quality of approach was supported and hightened it was decided that a new solution to the challenge of managing pre-sales and client data was needed. Paul McIntee, Managing Partner takes up the story:

” As the new managing partner for Obsidian Consulting I started looking for a simple CRM system which would be affordable for a small consulting practice. I looked at many systems via web searching – and then spoke to Steve Austin as I had worked with Steve designing and implementing JunariCRM+ for a significant-sized SME. Steve suggested I should look at his latest version of JunariCRM+ as a ‘cloud product’ and aimed at SMEs of all sizes “.

“Four of us in the partnership have played with the system – we are very impressed with the simplicity of the interface and the clear way information is presented in the screens. I have used several PC-based systems in recent years and the clarity of JunariCRM is most refreshing “.

“Ob”vious solution for “Ob”sidian

” The upshot? We have purchased and are now starting to implement JunariCRM+. We have not met any significant issues and are very pleased with the support from Steve and his team”.

Website: www.obsidian.co.uk

If consulting or professional services is your business and you’d like to enjoy similar freedom and success get in touch with us.

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