We take our business responsibilities seriously

“Business As Usual” just simply doesn’t cut it for us!

Throughout time, technology has been the enabler of humanity’s progression. Designed right, it can bring out the good in people. That’s what we aim to deliver with our CRM software! CRM is not the whole-point of improving human existence on the planet – but for many businesses it’s a jolly good place to start!

However, Junari is more than our software – our approach to our work, the projects we select, and the small deeds we do each day all add up to a more expansive and abundant presence. If we work hard to live our values and make sure that philanthropy or charity or compassion – whatever label seems the most fitting – is woven into the fabric of our business, then we cannot fail to improve things around us and for the businesses and people that we meet.

At Junari, we don’t buy into the old world view of capitalism – we have redefined the success metrics of our business; first having meaningful, positive, conscious impact. Second, really loving our work and supporting our team-members’ personal destinies. Third, generating strong and sustainable revenues. This is how our business will succeed in making a profound impact in the world. We feel that we can do well simply by doing good – working toward creating a smarter world and greater numbers of awakened people.

We have always been a pretty charitable bunch here at Junari – turning opportunities such as our being selected as a finalist in business awards into reasons for charity fund raising! The most recent examples of this was when we were able to donate £100 to local charity East Anglia Children’s Hospices (EACH) and also to the Dame Vera Lynn Trust in Suffolk.

Our Team

“Charity begins at home” is a famous saying and we don’t disagree! We consider the happiness and engagement of the people who make up ‘team Junari’ to be vital to our continuing business success. In a recent employee-engagement survey all staff either “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that as a company Junari operated in a socially responsible manner and that as a team we trusted one another. Some of the ways in which we provide support are:

Flexible working hours – so that team members can accommodate commitments outside of work more easily and still get their job done to highly professional standards

Remote working options – so that team members can still deploy their brilliant talents for us, but do it from a location that is convenient for them and also assist them to balance working hard for us with working hard in their personal lives

Taking on long-term unemployed – having explored the options around apprentices and tried, unsuccessfully, to find suitable candidates, we were delighted to be able to offer a part-time role to a young mathematics graduate who since leaving full-time education had struggled to find employment. This team member now works within our software-testing function and has become an asset to the team. We have particularly enjoyed seeing this person relax into the world of work, and grow in confidence.

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