CRM Tools for Every Business Role

The simplicity and flexibility of JunariCRM+ makes it perfect to be used by everyone in the company from Sales to CFOs, keeping processes streamlined, and importantly making sure that everyone is working towards the same goals, with one version of the truth.

JunariCRM+ for CFOs

As Chief Financial Officer, ensuring the company is profitable is essential for success. CRM+ has a wealth of tools that can help you keep track of process, profitability, efficiency and potential for financial growth.

Achieve greater ROI with no licensing

Install hosted or on-premise as you prefer to deal with costs

Control spend with our projects module

Predict future revenue streams with the sales pipelines

Ensure that invoicing opportunities are not missed with workflow and direct integration with your accounting software

JunariCRM+ for CEOs and MDs

Both Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officers can spend more time pushing the boundaries of business by using CRM+ to streamline processes within the workplace.

Highly cost-effective

A single system for all of your processes, just a single list of customers! See ALL communications with the customer dashboard, sales progress, customer service, and projects in one view.

We will provide consultancy on how to get the best out of the system for your business, consultancy, training and hand-holding as closely as you need. We won’t leave you to fend for yourself and have to start bending your company around your system, that’s not how we work!

JunariCRM+ for CMOs

As Chief Marketing Officer you need to know what campaigns work, and which don’t! CRM+ makes monitoring the sales pipeline, forecasting profits a piece of cake.

Purchase and import lists of data to communicate with

Understand buying habits of existing customers

Create complex reports on potential customers to determine which groups to target

Lead generation through outbound call lists, and targeted bulk email campaigns

JunariCRM+ for Sales

CRM+ has the power to show you what potential leads are worth pursuing, and display all the information you need about the lead and their connectivity to your company, other clients and competitors.

Understand the existing customer base and existing purchasing habits, to cross and upsell products and services

Set targets for yourself and your team to drive sales in the direction you want

Manage pipelines down to service, salesperson, quotas, stage to get accurate reporting on progress and successes

Manage communications with customers for account management purposes, understand communication trends and view all communications so you know about any issues before you visit

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