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Wow! You’re really interested in all of our client case-studies! We’re honoured you’re visiting and hope that you’ll find the reassurance you need, leaving with the knowledge that making your data-dilemmas & customer-confusion melt away and your business-truths stand out is what we at Junari do. Full stop.

494 Year Old Charity | Flexible and easy to use CRM needed

Needing to be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations, this charity turned to Junari for CRM support

Occupational Health & Well-being | Functionality Rich CRM Needed

JunariCRM+’s tailorability & comprehensive functionality meant the implementation caused virtually no disruption to the business…

Air Ambulance Charity | ‘Accident’ free Fundraising CRM Wanted!

Entirely dependant upon donations in order to continue to save lives, Magpas had to have a cost effective and reliable CRM Fundraising system…

Industrial Door Company | Needed CRM to maintain quality levels

New CRM had to have the same values as them; excellent customer service, top-notch quality & delivering exactly what their clients need

Youth Charity | What Living with JunariCRM+ feels like

When The Mix – a new charity – launched they chose JunariCRM+. 18 mnths later and they’ve written to tell us just what they think of it…

Fire & Safety Training Company | Still loving JunariCRM+

Find out what Franklins Fire & Safety Training think of living with their JunariCRM+ system…

Charity | Proof of charitable value provided for on-going funding…

“… Junari are fantastic! All charities should seriously consider implementing JunariCRM+ Achieving our objectives is so much easier now!”

Value-Added IT Reseller | Breaking free of CRM Shackles

“The new JunariCRM+ system will, we hope, be part of our competitive edge and help us drive for even greater quality and efficiency in our service delivery”

Custom Clothing Company | Needed a fast-growth CRM to match their plans

Being in charge of a high-growth company can feel like riding on the back of a tiger at times! Why not do as MongrelCroc have and get JunariCRM+ in place to make it a whole lot easier and safer?

Business Improvement Specialists | Starting as they mean to go on…

Sharing similar values and business intent is just one aspect of our rapport with the Pro-actions team as we put in place their new JunariCRM+ system. As Andy Linnet, Pro-actions CEO explains here, the choice to use JunariCRM+ was entirely based on solid and pragmatic business experience

Fire & Safety Training Company | ‘Cornerstone’ CRM needed for ambitious growth

It was time to get serious with their CRM infrastructure and demand the same rigorous compliance to high standards as they are held responsible for.

Youth Travel Company | Rapid growth demanded robust CRM capability

“The massive growth in our business and the volume of our customers from all over the world was what drove me to search for a suitable enterprise-capable CRM system”.

New Charity | Laying CRM foundations for successful future…

“… we feel in safe hands and have enjoyed every meeting we have had with Junari. If only all meetings were like this! Actually, come to think of it – if only all CRM software products were like JunariCRM+”

Legal & Trustee Services | Business Growth Being Stifled

“…once we saw the superb core CRM system and heard about how they could tailor it to our exact needs for a reasonable cost, we were hooked! I have to say that we are now up and running on the CRM and we all think that it is fantastic. It is making a huge difference to us already. And thanks for the support, you guys are the best!”

Manufacturer | High Enquiry Volumes Necessitate new CRM system

“… we were seeking a way to manage the high number of web and telephone enquiries we receive in a less haphazard and more transparent way. What we have now is really very special….”

Consulting Firm | Fresh Perspective Needed for Sensible Price

“… we are very impressed with the simplicity of the interface and the clear way information is presented in the screens. I have used several PC-based systems in recent years and the clarity of JunariCRM+ is most refreshing”

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