… How working with the right CRM provider is one practical step you can take to prepare for global customer connection.

At the beginning of the week I gave myself permission to spend time to read lots, investigate a-plenty, cogitate mightily & think deeply.  These strategy moments please me and in a busy working week/month/year it is not often that one has the opportunity to just take time out to read and think.

One old friend, one new friend…

So this little #StrategyTimeOut moment lead me to some thought-provoking places. The first was to revisit my previous acquaintance of Paul Dunn, the self-proclaimed “wizard of WOW” and a co-founder of the B1G1 charity foundation which has the strapline of “businesses impacting lives every day and in every way”.  Love that.

The second place was to a new found awareness and regard of Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund an organisation that has the strapline of “working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world”. Not quite as pithy as the B1G1 strapline, but no less laudable for it!

Perhaps the route that connected these two is oblique but they share a lot of commonality starting, prosaically perhaps, with the fact that Paul started out as a bean-counter accountant in corporate world before he became a marketing and charity guru and Christine heads up the International Monetary Fund – which it is fair to assume is stuffed to the gunnels with accountants and economists.

The harmony in their messages is more apparent if you focus on what they have to say about the meaning of business and the role it has to play in the wider society and the core ideologies that societies struggle with such as inequality. In short they talk about the importance of being connected.

Moments of Limbic Wonder…

Christine talks about it very eloquently in the context of the world-economy-patterns in her recent David Dimbleby Lecture (of which you can see the transcript here if you are interested: (Christine Lagarde, David Dimbleby Lecture 2014 speech transcript)

Paul talks passionately about business connection in the context of how it makes the world a better place and appeals to our underlying humanity and biological need to feel-connection with others in what he calls “WOW waves” or moments.  These are, he says, roughly 18 seconds of time where people react to what they are experiencing, and they ALL come from the limbic brain.  They are the kind of moments that all businesses (people!) should strive to achieve because they are powerful, compelling gut-instinct reactions that will result in purchasing or subscription or new-word-of-mouth recommendations.

Both Paul and Christine talk about the need for the world to develop a more fundamental connection-building approach to government fiscal policy and business responsibility.  Christine talks about it at the macro international governance level whilst Paul thinks more about the power of individuals.

But to be truly successful and lasting the Wow has to go deeper…

Paul has developed the “Wow” moment theory and now talks about “Woooow” waves– these are similar to “Wow” moments but much deeper, more profound occurrences of connection. Wow moments can be intangible connections that fade over time. But give someone a “Woooow” moment and these are likely to remain permanent and be transformational.  Say these words out loud to yourself – “wow” followed by “Woooow” – and you will notice that even your voice and breathing will drop in a physical manifestation of the “that feels deeper to me” moment.

So what on earth as this got to do with Customer Relationship Management software? Plenty my friend!

It’s no surprise to us! Junari is built upon “Woooow” technology

It was upon reconnecting with Paul’s theories that I realised, in a “Woooow” moment of my own when I connected the dots and realised that here at Junari we had already got a fabled company moment which we have always up until now called the “Ohhhhhh” moment. But which we will now officially rename the JunariCRM+™ “Woooow” moment in recognition of Mr Dunn!

These “Woooow” moments are simply our favourite point in our client CRM projects. And it always arrives sooner or later.  It’s a happy-making moment and puts a smile on our faces, reconfirming that our work is touching the right connections. It’s when we get to look at our fellow JunariCRM+™ team mates and nod knowingly. It’s when we know that what we set out to do and what makes us tick is beginning to happen. It’s when we know that we’re getting there. It’s when we know that we’re doing our job right….

Yup. It is the delightful point of a client suddenly having the penny drop, suddenly realising the potential, suddenly seeing the barriers and frustrations of previous systems fall away, suddenly knowing the ease in which they can complete something, suddenly feeling the opportunities that they are going to be able to manifest and suddenly getting-it and uttering the auto-reflex sound “Woooow”.

Okay, so clients don't normally kiss us when they get the Wooow moment....

Fancy a Spock-like Customer-Care-Mind-Meld…?

Here at Junari-plex we’re pretty keen on displacing our values into our own customers – and by that we mean fundamentally believe in and find hard not to do this.  We really want to connect with our customers and learn about their aspirations, issues, problems and blocks because we know that will help us both build the right solution variant for them.

Customer Relationship Management tools such as the JunariCRM+™ product should be used to care for your customers.  Easy to trip off the tongue and a message that lots of people will nod at but few will really stop to think about much further than the “yeah, yeah customer care” superficiality. “Sorry” is the hardest word and “we care” is a much hackneyed and cynical marketing phrase!

So let us be clear; our definition of caring for your customer is to ensure that you are properly connected with them and can understand their needs context and “where they’re at” at any point in time. We reckon by providing you with a practical, usable system that is capable of putting that kind of data into your hands for you to act upon is what will ultimately give those clients of yours their own “Woooow” moment about your service/product. And when that happens you’re gonna get your own “Woooow” moment and a lovely feeling of validation that you chose the right CRM solution and provider. Which is always going to go down well with the boss!

Putting in place a system that easily manifests the simple connectivity rule of putting your customer at the heart of your business is just one element of a matrix full of “stuff” your business should consider of course – but it is often the most fundamental and compellingly-powerful single thing you can do.

That awkward moment when you realise you’ve never had a “Woooow” moment…?

May we ask a personal question now? In your searching for mission-critical systems such as your Client Relationship Management system have you ever had the “Woooow” moment before?

Has your “Woooow” moment been stopped in its tracks by the complexity of the software? By the rising cost of development time to complete what you thought was a “simple task”? By the simple truth that what you want just isn’t going to be possible with the budget and timescales you have? Did your “Woooow” moment turn into an “Arrrgggghhhh” moment?

Well, that’s understandable and frankly not uncommon.  We know how a lot of you have struggled out there with the issues of managing customer data in a joined up manner that frankly doesn’t cost the earth and involve you having to sign your business’s soul (a.k.a client data) away to a faceless cloud-server SaaS provider whose only human connection in the UK is a reseller organisation, who although they try their hardest to develop a “Woooow” moment for you, fundamentally don’t have the necessary (or any!) influence with the American based Product Development team.

But it is possible to have a “Woooow” moment. We know this because we see it happening on a regular basis with our own customers. And it’s because of our approach to CRM software, our safe-hands consultation and implementation. And the benefit of having a UK-only based Product Development and Product Support team.

So we’d like to invite you to have a “Woooow” moment with us. Because implementing a powerful and compelling CRM software into your business is perfectly possible – if you pick the right partner.

That’ll be us then…

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We knew that we needed a CRM system to service our clients efficiently and to grow the business. Initially I was looking at off- the-shelf CRM systems but because our process is complicated and unique to us we needed bespoke functionality. Junari spent a lot of time with me and my team to really understand what the system had to do for us and so that the software could exactly meet our requirements which are not exactly straightforward.  That has enabled us to end up with a CRM system that does exactly what we need it to do and now we are going above and beyond our initial expectations to build further functionality. I would recommend JunariCRM+™ to anybody!” N.S, a leading Tax and Trust Corporation Company, South-East, UK.