Whilst enjoying your festive Turkey and sprouts at dinner you’ll probably not be thinking about your business at all. Even whilst you are ploughing through your cold turkey and stuffing sandwiches and watching the Two Ronnies on Boxing day, it will probably be far from your mind, or at least easily banished to the dusty corners.

However, in that gap between Christmas and New Year, while you are wondering where the nearest gym is, that is still far enough away to enable you to drive to it without guilt (without too much anyway!) your mind may start to ponder the past year, and you may start to think about the coming business year.

You may recall the things that went well during 2013, and maybe also the things that could have been better. You will no doubt wonder how you will maintain the best parts in the coming year, and also ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes again!

The questions is, how do you know what you did well last year aside from the bank account or P&L figures? How do you know where most of your leads came from and what sort of conversion rates you achieved? How do you know where you went wrong and why you lost those deals that you did lose?

If you could identify your most and least profitable business lines, and your most and least profitable customers, what would you do with that information? Could you simplify your offering, cut the bottom 5% of your customers loose and thereby considerably increase your profits? How much by?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be the most valuable asset within your business. Properly implemented and tailored for your business and processes, CRM can make a significant difference to your business, providing a single version of the truth and real facts on which to base key business decisions upon. If you happen to be looking for an exit within the next 5 years, CRM can also significantly increase the valuation of your business.

Our customers are always delighted and are very pleased with price, surprised at how much the system feels like it’s been written just for them! So why not make a New Year’s resolution to give us a call and see if we can help you like we have helped so many more this year.

Like Nicola from Countrywide South East “We all think our CRM+ is fantastic. It is making a huge difference to our company already and the efficiencies it is bringing is enabling us to take on much more work.”

Like Paul from Box Model Digital Media “We have been so impressed with CRM+ we will be recommending it to our clients. Anything I can do to assist in my clients businesses will ultimately reflect positively on my business