Prepare yourself! If you’re thinking of becoming a customer of JunariCRM+ then you’re going to have to get used to being asked a lot of questions!

Questions about your business, questions about your process barriers, questions about the exceptional-exceptions that occur, questions about your hopes and wishes. Our clients quickly get used to our normal ‘modus operandi’ being to ask at least 10 questions to every 1 they pose us!

It’s not that we’re being nosey for the sake of nosiness though. It’s simply a case that we never take a client’s first thoughts as to what they think they need from their CRM system as the absolute unquestionable gospel.  Does that sound a tad arrogant? We feel it’s the complete opposite!

We are not arrogant enough to assume or accept that we, or for that matter you, the client, really understand what the system solution has to be until we are sure that we’ve jointly explored all of the valid, and potentially invalid, business reasons why you think that way.  You see, we’ve been doing this CRM-malarkey for a long time now – we’re in our 10th year so we reckon that we know a lot about the ‘software-cul-de-sacs’ people can create for themselves and how best to avoid them.

If you choose to become our client then expect us to want to dive deeper and explore and challenge you.  We’re seriously interested in how you think your business should work.  We’re not interested in how you think a CRM system should work! Sorry to say it, but it’s true!

Many people get in touch and start telling us how they want their CRM system to look like. Stop doing that!  Tell us instead how you want your business to work and therefore how the system has to fit in with that.  Now that’s a far more interesting conversation!

So, if you’re searching for a new CRM system then here’s a word of advice; the best CRMs (by which we mean it will earn its implementation fees many times back for you in business growth and cost-savings) will be tailor-able to your business requirements. So concentrate on what you know best – your business imperatives and needs. This is what you and only you can know best.  Leave the CRM software companies to work out how they will mould and customise their software to fit you – this is after all what they should be experts in.

If you decide to become a JunariCRM+ customer (and may we say that you’ll be in good company if you do, go check out some of our client testimonials) then you can expect to work with us through a detailed phase of figuring out what exactly your requirements are.  This can be just a 2-3 hour meeting with some clients or with others ends up being a multi iterative process.

The point is that the business matters at hand are often complex and many layered but if you want your CRM to be a success and deliver a return on its investment then you are going to need the CRM to work and behave in the way that your business processes demand – not the other way around of having to fit your business into what the CRM system will do for you.

The JunariCRM+ obsessiveness with questions and more questions is specifically designed to tease out the important subtleties of your business that if overlooked would result in a system that well, doesn’t quite fit you and starts to chafe a little –that would be painful and costly to your business. No one likes chafing!

The reason we built JunariCRM+ the way we did – to be entirely tailor-able to each client’s business needs – is because it is in creating a great tailored fit that your business is properly able to benefit from a CRM. Unlike the Saville Row tailor, we don’t use a tape measure to create this, we use lots and lots of questions instead!

Have you got a question for us?

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