Junari’s Marketing Director featured in FSB Essex’s “The Voice” magazine

The Mar/Apr edition of “The Voice” from FSB Essex begins to hit the county’s work-desks…

The theme of the latest edition of The Voice (the business The theme of the latest edition of The Voice (the business magazine of the Federation of Small Businesses in Essex) is all about women in business and we were very pleased to be asked by Iain Wicks, FSB Business Development Manager for Essex, for an interview and contribution. It has not been long since we welcomed Rachel Davidson-Foster to our ranks as our Marketing Director and during the short time she has been with us we’ve seen her professionalism and determination to get things done first hand.

The FSB magazine edition’s theme was apparently prompted by a Euro MP’s comments that women “don’t have the ambition to go right to the top”.  In our opinion that is an unfortunate point of view and not at all indicative of our experience. In fact we would say that work and success in the 21st century should be all about an individual’s merit and skillset combined with their ability to apply these appropriately rather an outmoded concept of stereotypical gender differences.

Here at Junari we aim to attract the best people because we know that by employing top-notch, highly skilled individuals who share the same core-values of excellence and solution-delivery, we will garner an advantage in the market place. We’re on a mission to ensure that every business gets the CRM solution that they deserve.  No single customer ever has the same requirements, but they all have the same needs; to be successful in business. Providing this for our customers through the delivery of our JunariCRM+® tailored solution has nothing to do with the gender of said client representative or of our dedicated employees!

The chromosomal X factor; Steve and Rachel discuss business strategy…

As Rachel reflects in the article itself “The comments that women are unambitious not only presents a sexist view of women in the workplace, but also condemns men to an outdated concept of employment. I know a lot of women who stay at home and I know a lot of men who would rather have a more pastoral lifestyle”.

Building a successful business in 2014 has more to do with flexibility, innovation, clear direction and integrity and nothing whatsoever to do with mammalian allosomes. We’d also like to point out that our JunariCRM+® product can have a significant positive influence too. Well, you’d expect nothing less from us!

You can see the FSB “The Voice” magazine at www.fsb.org.uk/essex

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